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False Confession Issues

The Norfolk Four

Jan 11, 2021

The Sun newspaper printed an article on October 6, 2020: “Shocking case of four Navy sailors wrongly convicted of rape & murder shows anyone can be forced to falsely confess” in which...

False Confessions - Causes and Remedies

Jan 11, 2021

We recently posted on our YouTube channel - The Reid Technique Tips - a two part video presentation: False Confessions - The Issues to be Considered in which we discuss the causes...

Cases that demonstrate the value of electronically recording interrogations

Dec 16, 2019

Since 2007 we have been posting on our website in our quarterly Legal Update columns court decisions that illustrate the value of electronically recording interrogations. These cases illustrate the importance of the...

Should Investigators Be Allowed To Lie About Evidence To A Subject During Interrogation?

Nov 08, 2019

The state of New York is considering legislation that would prohibit investigators from lying to a subject about evidence in the case, such as indicating to the subject during the interrogation that...

September/October 2019 Investigator Tip

Aug 27, 2019

What questions should be asked to determine the voluntariness and validity of a subject's


While there are numerous issues to consider in the process of evaluating...

An example of how Dr. Richard Leo testifies about the interrogation process

Feb 13, 2019

In the case US v. Hyatt (January 2019) the US District Court, E.D. California, included the following description of the testimony of Dr. Richard Leo.

"Leo is a professor of law...

An Example of what Dr. Richard Leo says when he testifies on the issue of false confessions

Jan 31, 2019

In People v. Lucero (January 2019) the court summarized the testimony of Dr. Richard Leo on the issue of false confessions as follows:

Richard Leo, a professor of law and...

Factors to consider in the evaluation of the voluntariness of a confession

Nov 01, 2018

In Keyser v. Smith (Sept. 2018) the US District Court, E.D. Pennsylvania, articulated many of the factors that must be considered in evaluating the voluntariness of a confession:
The duration and means...

An example of Dr. Richard Leo's testimony on the issue of false confessions

Mar 28, 2018

In the case, US v. Begay (February 2018) the US District Court, D. New Mexico described Dr. Ricahrd Leo"s testimony as he described his view of current police interrogation methods, and false...

Excellent example of how false confession experts misrepresent what we teach in the Reid Technique

Jan 06, 2017

In State v. Tapke the Court of Appeals of Ohio upheld the defendant's confession which was obtained by an officer who was trained in The Reid Technique. Dr. Richard Ofshe testified about...