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International Research Validates the Core Elements of the Reid Technique

May 11, 2015

Over the years numerous international research studies have been conducted on the Reid Technique ñ here are a few that include research from Japan, Korea, Spain, Canada and the US. All of...

High Value Detainee Group research validates the core principles of The Reid Technique

Apr 13, 2015

From the Scientific American (Vol. 26, Issue 23) an article entitled, "How to Extract a Confession...Ethically" confirms the basic tenant of the Reid Technique - always treat the subject with understanding and...

Japanese research confirms Reid approach

Feb 10, 2015

In the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation we have always espoused a nonjudgmental, neutral and objective demeanor by the investigator during the interview and an empathetic, understanding approach during the interrogation...

Research indicates a 97.8% accuracy rate at detecting deception

Dec 03, 2014

A recent study published in Human Communication Research by researchers at Korea University, Michigan State University, and Texas State University -- San Marcos found that using active questioning of individuals yielded near-perfect...

Study finds that false confessions were not statistically associated with wrongful convictions

Mar 11, 2014

In the November/December 20134 issue of Corrections Today, an article entitled, "Wrongful Convictions: Causes, Prevention, Impact and Outlook for Corrections" reports on the results of a study funded by the National Institute...

Detection of Deception Research - Why Academic Studies Yield Such Poor Results

Feb 08, 2012

Most defense experts who testify on the issue of false confessions state that law enforcement investigators interrogate people whom they believe are lying to them based on the behavior that they displayed...

New study demonstrates 97.9% accuracy for behavior provoking questions

May 17, 2011

In a new study out of Spain, researchers demonstrated the value of using behavior provoking questions during investigative interviews.

Participants were 85 students from the University of Spain. Thirty-five were...

Detection of Deception: Research vs. Reality

Aug 09, 2010

Over the years researchers in the academic community have conducted a number of research studies on an investigator's ability to detect deception; more specifically these studies have attempted to determine if the...

Research confirms detection of deception substantially better than chance if viewed in context

Jun 14, 2010

In their new research article, "Content in Context Improves Deception Detection Accuracy" the authors (J. Pete Blair, Timothy R. Levine and Allison S. Shaw) report on 10 studies that they conducted regarding...

Research confirms Reid Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI) structure

May 12, 2010

In our book, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, we devote Chapter 8, Formulating Interview Questions, to the topic of the importance of asking open-ended questions in the investigative Interview (BAI). The chapter contains...