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Detective erroneously associates sleep deprivation with the Reid Technique

May 19, 2016

In Crafton v. District of Columbia, et. al., Defendants (September 2015) reference is made by the interrogating detective that when questioning the suspect, Kim Crafton, he connected a “lengthy, grueling 17-hour videotaped...

Not so Fast - the Central Park Jogger case

Aug 14, 2014

As everyone knows the Central Park Jogger case has become a high profile "false confession" case - highlighted by the documentary Ken Burns did about the case.

Not so fast. A...

The Hunting Of Man: Lies, Damn Lies, And Police Interrogations

Jul 15, 2014

Miller W. Shealy, Jr., Associate Professor of Law, Charleston School of Law, has just published an article entitled, The Hunting Of Man: Lies, Damn Lies, And Police Interrogations, in which he discusses...

Arguing for Statewide Uniformity in Recording Custodial Interrogations

May 20, 2014

The American Bar Association has recently published an article by Attorney Thomas Sullivan that discusses the need to establish uniform recording guidelines, Arguing for Statewide Uniformity in Recording Custodial Interrogations. The article...

Attorney Thomas Sullivan list of law enforcement agencies recording interrogations

Mar 31, 2014

For years now Attorney Thomas Sullivan has been collecting information as to which law enforcement agencies are electronically recording their interviews and interrogations. In addition he has prepared a list of states...

New Yorker magazine profiles John E. Reid and Associates

Dec 17, 2013

In the December 9, 2013 issue of New Yorker magazine an article entitled, "The Interview" was published in which the author, Douglass Starr, profiled John E. Reid and Associates. "Today, John E...

Illinois Governor Quinn signs bill expanding recording of police interrogations

Aug 27, 2013

On August 26, 2013 Illinois Governor Quinn signed into law legislation that "expands on legislation passed in 2003 mandating the recording of homicide interrogations. The new requirements will take effect in phases...

Canadian court decisions related to interview, interrogation and confession issues

Jul 25, 2013

For several years now Gino Arcaro has been writing a column for Reid Institute Members that we have posted on our RI Members page about various Canadian court decisions that are related...

Terrorism, Miranda, and Related Matters

Jul 23, 2013

In April of this year, the Congressional Research Service published a document entitled, Terrorism, Miranda, and Related Matters by Charles Doyle, Senior Specialist in American Public Law.

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Law and Order magazine highlights Reid Interview and Interrogation books

Jul 14, 2013

In the May 2013 issue of Law and Order magazine four Reid books were highlighted