The Reid Institute

The Reid Institute - Established in 1999

Every year thousands of investigators attend our seminars on the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation. Many consider it to be the most beneficial training of their careers.

John E. Reid and Associates invites all graduates of our training seminars to join the Reid Institute, our association of Reid trained investigators.

The Reid Institute encourages members to further develop their investigative skills by attending quality training programs from a variety of fields related to investigation.  Reid Institute members can also work towards Certification in the Reid Technique. Members that complete all of the training and testing requirements can add this important accomplishment to their investigative credentials.

Membership in the Reid Institute is open to all government, law enforcement, and private security investigators who share our commitment to learning and professionalism.


  • Add to your professional credentials - many federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as major corporations, require Reid training for their investigators.
  • Work toward Certification in the Reid Technique and attain the CRT designation that attests to your commitment to professionalism in the field of interviewing and interrogation.
  • Receive a $50.00 discountwhen you attend the Reid Loss Prevention Program.
  • Receive a special 20% discounted rate to review your videotaped casessubmitted for our expert analysis.
  • Receive a substantial member discount on all John E. Reid textbooks, training videos, audio tape programs and training aids - these savings will help stretch your personal training budget.
  • Receive $50.00 off the regular tuition price of $425.00 when you attend the Reid Child Abuse Program.
  • Receive $25.00 off the regular tuition price of $185.00 when you attend the Reid Hiring the Best Program.
  • Attend the one-day Reid Advanced Program at the group rate price of $250.00.
  • Re-attend any John E. Reid training Program, as a refresher, at half the regular tuition fee - this is substantially less than the lowest group rate discount.
  • Access our "Members Only" web page featuring information on interview and interrogation tactics, helpful tips and expert legal analysis of current court decisions - keep up to date on court decisions that may affect your next investigation.
  • Receive a free copy of the Investigator Anthology and a free Audio CD  program, over $100 in training materials.
  • Network with other Reid Institute members- you can choose to be listed in our online membership directory.
  • Also, your Reid Institute membership dues and Program fees may be tax deductible.

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The following courses are presented by John E. Reid and Associates: (as listed on our website)

Institute Renewal

The yearly membership renewal fee is $50.00. In addition to continuing your many other memberships and discounts when you renew membership you will receive a free copy of the of the following books (your choice): Anatomy of Interrogation Themes; How to Identify, Interview and Motivate Child Abuse Offenders to Tell the Truth; a Field Guide to the Reid Technique; or the Investigator Notebook. You can find a detailed description of each book in our "Store".
All information provided is subject to verification by Reid.

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