Responding to a False Confession Expert in Your Case

Written By: Joseph P. Buckley
Apr 09, 2024

Oftentimes the defense will present a "false confession expert” to testify that the investigator obtained a coerced and/or false confession. We have published a number of articles describing the type of statements that the “experts” make; the various factors that they consider in their assessment; and the type of reports that they issue.
Here are several links to those articles - please share them with your colleagues and prosecutors.

Added June 27, 2024: Richard Leo's Boilerplate Statement Regarding Police Interrogation Practices and Is offering a suspect a moral or psychological excuse for committing the crime the same as offering them a promise of leniency if they confess?

and finally, since these “false confession experts” oftentimes misrepresent the elements of the Reid Technique here are two articles that detail the Reid Technique interview and interrogation process.

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Joseph P.Buckley


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