What False Confession Experts Say About the Reid Technique and Our Responses

Written By: Joseph P. Buckley
Jun 16, 2023

The attached document, "What False Confession Experts, Defense Attorneys and Academicians Say About the Reid Technique and Our Responses," includes the following topics:

  • The Purpose of an Interrogation
  • "Guilt Presumptive" Process
  • How Social Psychologists Describe the Interrogation Process
  • The Use of Minimization Techniques
  • Pragmatic Implication
  • The Three Errors that Lead to False Confessions
    • The Reid Core Principles
  • Lying to a Suspect About Evidence
  • Modifying Techniques When Questioning Juveniles and Individuals with Mental or Psychological Disabilities
  • Courts and Attorneys Use Reid as the Benchmark for Proper Procedures, as do the Social Psychologists
  • Causes of False Confessions
  • Comments from the Courts
  • Best Practices
  • Behavior Symptom Analysis
  • Research Supporting the Reid Technique
  • How Reporters Oftentimes Present Erroneous Descriptions of the Reid Technique.
  • Also please review the Investigator Tip:

The Disingenuous Testimony from Social Psychologists About the Reid Technique

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