The Reid Technique For Child Abuse Investigations - Part Two – The Investigative interview

Written By: David M. Buckley
Mar 16, 2022

We have released the 2nd of a 3 part online video training program on Child Abuse Investigations - The Investigative Interview.

This one-hour online video training program is Part Two in a Three-part series of the Reid Technique for Child Abuse Investigations. In Part One of this series common characteristics, attitudes, and behavioral patterns of child abuse offenders for both physical and sexual abuse were thoroughly discussed. In Part Two we discuss the Investigative Interview for Child Abuse Investigations. This program focuses on developing proper interview questions to be asked in a sexual abuse and physical abuse investigative interview of alleged child abuse offenders to help in the overall assessment of their possible involvement in the abusive behavior. In Part Three we will discuss the Clarification Process.

In this program Investigators will learn:

  • The proper characteristics of the interviewer, the attitude the interviewer should display and preparation for the interview
  • The proper room setting for the interview
  • The characteristics of the interview and how the interview is distinctly different from the Clarification Phase.
  • The Six Types of interview questions to ask in the interview and the type of subject responses that are typical of a subject who is telling the truth or withholding information.
    1. Initial or biographical questions
    2. Investigative questions
    3. Questions to develop the subject’s relationship with the victim
    4. Questions to identify possible precipitators
    5. Questions to identify propensity
    6. Behavior provoking questions

For additional program details click here.