The American Psychology-Law Society Conference March 2024 - Misinformation

Written By: Joseph P. Buckley
Mar 29, 2024

The Reid Technique - A Model for Proper Interviewing and Interrogation Procedures

At the American Psychology-Law Society conference in Los Angeles in March 2024, there were several references to the idea that investigators must move past “psychologically manipulative tactics” and adopt a science-based methodology to assess subject credibility. In discussions and publications psychologically manipulative tactics are described as isolating the subject from others; exaggerating the legal consequences of the subject’s behavior; making promises of leniency in return for a confession; creating false evidence; and conducting questioning for an exhaustively lengthy period of time. There were references by some that these were characteristics of the Reid Technique. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The science-based methodology that was recommended for the structure of the investigative interview included the development of cooperation via rapport and trust; the elicitation of information using productive questioning to enhance a subject’s recollection; the use of strategic questioning and assessment of verbal or story-based cues to evaluate credibility; and, the strategic withholding of evidence as a way to identify statement-evidence inconsistencies and resolve a subject’s responses to discrepancies.” This is exactly what the Reid Technique interview process is.

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