Reid YouTube Channel for the Media

Written By: Joseph P. Buckley
Mar 22, 2022

Over the years descriptions of the Reid Technique in the media have often been inaccurate and reflect a general lack of understanding about the Reid process.

In an effort to make sure that the media has access to current and correct information, John E. Reid and Associates has created a YouTube channel specifically for the media, which offers brief video presentations (and documentation) addressing the following issues:

A Detailed Description of the Reid Technique

False Confessions - the Issues to be Considered

Questioning Juvenile Offenders

Minimization and Maximization

What Questions Should be Asked to Determine the Voluntariness and Validity of a Subject's Confession

The Core Principles of the Reid Technique

Best Practices

There is No Behavior Unique to Lying

The Value of Recording Interrogations

Here is the link to our Media YouTube channel: The Reid Technique: For the Media