Principles of Practice: How to Conduct Proper Interviews and Interrogations

Written By: Joseph P. Buckley
Apr 26, 2022

Principles of Practice: How to Conduct Proper Investigative Interviews and Interrogations

We posted the May/June Investigator Tip on our website under the Investigator Tips tab. Here are the initial paragraphs.

Since 1947 John E. Reid and Associates has been conducting investigative interviews and when appropriate, interrogations.

Since the mid 1970's we have been teaching investigators from law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector from around the world proper interview and interrogation procedures. In this document (an expansion of a prior Investigator Tip) we will detail the procedures, guidelines and best practices that we teach to all investigators, and will include references and supporting documentation.

(See the What's New entry dated February 25, 2022 entitled, "Development of the Reid Technique.")

Our purpose is to reinforce the core principles of practice that we feel are essential in conducting effective interviews and interrogations, and are the principles of practice that we teach in all of our training programs. (Click here for the complete Investigator Tip)