Reid announces two new online video training programs

Written By: Reid
Jan 11, 2021

We are excited to announce two new one-hour online video training programs: The Reid Technique for Patrol Officers and The Reid Technique for Telephone Investigative Interviews. Each program comes with a Study Guide and an optional exam that you can take to earn 1 hour of Continuing Professional Education. Once you purchase either of these programs you have unlimited access to it for 30 days. Here are the details:

The Reid Technique for Patrol Officers
This online training program is designed to present tactics from THE REID TECHNIQUE OF INTERVIEWING AND INTERROGATIONĀ® for first responders who conduct interviews on the street; including patrol officers, boarder patrol, homeland security, fire fighters etc. The program will isolate those tactics from our 4-day program that can be used on the street. These tactics will help you identify when a suspect is lying and how to get more information from suspects on the street. Click here for additional details.

The Reid Technique for Telephone Investigative Interviews
This online program is designed for anyone that conducts investigative interviews over the phone. In the program we detail how the core elements of the Reid Technique can be applied to telephone investigative interviews, covering the following topics: Identifying the Goals of the Interview, Preparation for the Interview, Investigator Demeanor, The Structure of the Interview. You will learn strategies that will help you illicit more information from subjects on the phone and help you identify whether a subject is being truthful. Click here for additional details.