Interviewing Strategy for Intelligence Gathering

Written By: Philip A. Mullenix
Apr 24, 2020

Obtaining information about another's unlawful activities (or planned misconduct that has not yet been executed) can be more challenging than asking one to acknowledge their own prior misdeeds. The code of silence, or omerta, is a powerful deterrent, because disclosure creates fear of retribution or being branded as untrustworthy.

Intelligence gathering for events such as espionage, narcotics distribution, human 􏰍counter-intel or military operations prioritizes identification of co-conspirators, source and disposition of contraband, safe house locations, informant credibility, as well as preemptive discovery of impending future illicit behavior.

How does one approach tactical questioning, debriefing, or interrogation when the mission is to determine what a person knows versus what they’ve already done?

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