Development of the REID TECHNIQUE

Written By: Reid
Jul 23, 2019

Development of the Reid Technique (updated 20220

The Reid Technique has evolved extensively over the years to become the most current and up to date training program available on investigative interviewing and interrogation techniques, continually monitoring legal decisions and interrogation research. Here is a brief overview of the development of the Reid Technique over the last 75 years.

  • Criminal Interrogation and Confessions considered the Bible of the industry 1st edition 1962; 2nd edition 1967; 3rd edition 1986; 4th edition 2001; 5th edition 2013,” which includes chapters on Distinguishing Between True and False Confessions, Testifying on a Confession, and detailed discussions regarding Interrogation Research, Confession Voluntariness, Trustworthiness and Corroboration, as well as How the Courts View the Testimony of False Confession Experts
  • Initial Reid training seminars were introduced in mid 1970’s
  • Expanded from two day programs to 4 day programs
  • Expanded from a dozen programs a year to over 400 programs annually
  • Expanded to include Advanced Interrogation Techniques
  • Expanded to include Special Precautions when Questioning Juveniles or Individuals with Mental or Psychological Impairments
  • Expanded to include Information on False Confession Issues and Necessary Safeguards, as well as discussing vulnerable groups
  • Introduced Specialized training for non-law enforcement personnel: The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion
  • Introduced Specialized training for child abuse investigators: The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive persuasion for Child Abuse Investigations
  • Introduced Specialized training: Physical and Neglect Child Abuse Injury Reconstruction Techniques
  • Introduced Specialized training: Emerging Trends in Child Sexual Abuse Investigations
  • Introduced Specialized Military training: Reid Military Instructional Program in Non-Coercive Humint, Military Intelligence, and Counterintelligence Interviewing
  • Introduced Specialized training for attorneys: Forensic Interviewing for Attorneys
  • Introduced Specialized training: Reid P.E.A.C.E. Method of Investigative Interviewing
  • Introduced Specialized training on pre-employment interviewing techniques: Hiring the Best-Applicant Interviewing Techniques and Strategies
  • In addition to Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, the members of the staff have written and published a number of books, including: Essentials of the Reid Technique How to Identify, Interview, and Motivate Child Abuse Offenders to Tell the Truth; Anatomy of Interrogation Themes; A Field Guide to The Reid Technique; Electronic Recording of Interrogations; and The Investigator Anthology
  • Created numerous audio and video training programs: Hiring the Best: Interviewing for Integrity (video) Hiring the Best: Verifying the Employment Application (video) The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation (video) Employee Theft – Application of the Reid Technique (video) Child Sexual Abuse – Application of the Reid Technique (video) Employee Theft Investigations (audio) Child Abuse Investigations (audio) Interviewing Techniques for Harassment Investigations (audio) Telephone Interviewing Techniques (audio) Sexual Assault Interrogation (audio)
  • Created on-line training programs: The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation for Investigators and The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation for School Administrators
  • Publish bi-monthly Investigator Tips
  • Publish What’s New items to keep our readers up to do date
  • Introduced an association for Reid trained investigators: The Reid Institute
  • Developed Specialized web page exclusively for Reid Graduates