One of our senior instructors, Attorney Philip Mullenix, has just published an excellent article in the Marine Corps Gazette entitled, "On Leadership: Core leadership traits."

Written By: Reid
Jun 27, 2018
Here are the opening paragraphs of the article:

It's a fact that each of you possess skills in your underlying MOS and as a leader in the Marine Corps. Because you are a Marine, whether active duty or retired, you've reached a level of success that others only dream of achieving. Therefore, this is not a condescending missive on how to become a success. You're already there.

What I offer are observations on lives well-spent as well as on opportunities lost. The perch from which I've made these observations is a little unorthodox. For almost four decades as a professional interrogator, military interrogation instructor, and lawyer, I've witnessed in others the full range of human behavior, from the best to the worst:
- Enormous achievement on one hand - full-blown failure on the other.
- Peace of mind and self-fulfillment on one hand - utter despair on the other.
- Well-earned respect versus the most aberrant disregard toward others.
- The person of real substance who has the strength of character to watch the backs and raise the game of those around him versus the self-promoting phony who tries to elevate himself by demeaning others.

What distinguishes one from the other? How does one rise to the occasion rather than fall by the wayside? How do leaders get to the figurative bow of the ship where you can cut your own wake through the waters of life rather than slide to the stern where others will decide your destiny and leave you awash in waves that could sweep you overboard? Here are a few observations which might enhance your "leadership quotient."
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