Why the Reid Technique Method Continues to be the Most Effective Means Available to Learn the Truth

Written By: Reid
Nov 05, 2017
One of the fundamental precepts of the Reid Technique is to use sound reasoning, understanding and empathy to motivate subjects to tell the truth. John Reid started using this approach over 70 years ago and it is as effective today as it was then.

John Reid was a visionary who was ahead of his time. He demonstrated the effectiveness of treating people, even those who have committed heinous crimes, with decency and respect. John Reid tried to see the good in all people and tried to understand why they would commit their crimes. John had the patience and insight to understand the pre-existing thought process of others and he was able to use this insight to make an emotional connection with a subject and gain a level of trust and understanding that made it possible for him to engage in the art of persuasion to motivate even the most hardened criminal to tell the truth.

John developed a systematic approach that would protect the innocent, identify the guilty and motivate the guilty to want to tell the truth. He did this without the use of threats or promises of leniency. He did it by tapping into pre-existing rationalizations that originated in the mind of the suspect. John's understanding of human behavior allowed him to empathize with those who made bad decisions and committed a variety of crimes.

Today there are critics who have a very shallow understanding of the psychology of the Reid Technique and create a false narrative by suggesting that the inappropriate tactics used by investigators over the years are part of the Reid method....nothing could be further from the truth, as illustrated by our core principles:
  • Always conduct interviews and interrogations in accordance with the guidelines established by the courts
  • Do not make any promises of leniency
  • Do not threaten the subject with any physical harm or inevitable consequences
  • Do not deny the subject any of their rights
  • Do not deny the subject the opportunity to satisfy their physical needs
  • Always treat the subject with dignity and respect
  • Do not conduct excessively long interrogations
  • Exercise caution when interrogating juveniles, suspects with a lower intelligence or suspects with mental impairments
For over seventy years through our training programs John E. Reid and Associates has been providing investigators with the techniques and skills necessary to conduct effective investigative interviews and interrogations.

We have listed a number of facts regarding the Reid Technique method for your review:
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