Author corrects misrepresentation of the Reid Technique

Written By: Reid
Apr 13, 2015
In PsycCRITIQUES (Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, American Psychological Association) M. Dyan McGuire reviews the book, "The Miranda Ruling: its Past, Present and Future" by Lawrence Wrightsman and Mary Pitman. In her review Dr. McGuire points out the misrepresentations that Wrightsman and Pitman make about the Reid Technique in their book.

The assertion that the Reid technique does not train people to determine if a suspect did not commit the crime is also factually incorrect (p. 145). As a "graduate" of the basic and advanced Reid training courses, I know that a considerable amount of time is spent on this subject, including viewing the interrogation of an innocent person to evaluate behavioral and linguistic cues of truthfulness. Moreover, John E. Reid and Associates' (2010) current training manuals cover behavioral assessment for both truth and deception (Senese, 2009).
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