Canadian attorney shows his ignorance regarding The Reid Technique

Written By: Reid
Feb 15, 2014
In an article entitled, "Reid" it and weep - coercive interrogations the norm in Canada, published in the Ottawa Citizen, the author, Attorney Solomon Friedman displays his lack of understanding of The Reid Technique, describing it as a process designed to obtain confessions - even from the innocent. Here is an email that we sent to Attorney Friedman and the editors of the Ottawa Citizen:

I was shocked at your lack of understanding as to what constitutes The Reid Technique as you described in your article, "'Reid' it and weep - coercive interrogations the norm in Canada."

I am equally shocked at the lack of credibility displayed by the editors in publishing such an article as "News" - implying that it is an objective reporting of the facts. Most "news" stories attempt to provide a balanced report for the readers to evaluate. We were never contacted for any comment or to provide any information relevant to this column.

If you (the author) had read any of our books, publications or articles on our website you would have discovered the following:

The core elements of The Reid Technique have been upheld by a number of Canadian Courts, including the Supreme Court. Here is a brief discussion of several relevant cases:
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