Legal Updates Summer 2013

Written By: Reid
Sep 11, 2013
The Legal Updates Summer 2013 contain cases which address the following issues:
  • Witness Credibility
  • Statementís such as ìpeople who were honest with the police would be helped differently than those who lied about their guiltî led to an inadmissible confession
  • Kansas Supreme Court recommends electronic recording of interrogations
  • Court rules that polygraph examination is not a search
  • Court rejects the testimony of Dr. Bruce Frumkin
  • Low score on IQ tests does not mean the suspect is incapable of making a voluntary confession
  • The value of video recording ñ intoxication and sleep deprivation
  • The value of video recording ñ Spanish speaking defendant and intoxication
  • California Supreme Court upholds exclusion of testimony by Dr. Richard Leo ñ the proffered testimony was ìextremely speculativeî
  • Attorney not negligent for deciding not to use false confession expert at trial
  • Improper interrogator behavior
  • Court excludes the testimony of Dr. Richard Ofshe on false confession issues ñ no requirement to record interrogation
  • A promise of leniency: ì[e]verybody gets a clean slate when they turn 17î
  • Court allows Dr. Richard Leo to testify on false confession issues
  • Fish and Game officers did not have to make an advisement of rights on a roadside stop
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