Legal Updates Spring 2013

Written By: Reid
Jul 26, 2013
In our Legal Updates Spring 2013 column we feature cases that address the following issues:
  • Counsel was not ineffective for failing to present testimony of false confession expert
  • Military Appeals Court upholds decision to exclude testimony of false confession expert ñ Dr. Christian Meissner
  • Human Lie Detector evidence
  • Recording interrogations not required in Pennsylvania; false confession expert testimony excluded
  • Circumstances that indicate juvenile interrogation was not custodial
  • Colorado Supreme Court abandons the corpus delicti rule and puts in its place, the trustworthiness standard
  • Illinois Supreme Court also addresses the corpus delicti rule
  • How much corroboration is needed to support the trustworthiness of a confession?
  • Improper offer of leniency nullifies a confession
  • When a suspect is not in custody no need to stop questioning when they request an attorney
  • ìthe very outer limit as to what tactics law enforcement may employ when performing a custodial interrogationî
  • What constitutes mental retardation?
  • Court precludes Dr. Richard Ofshe from testifying as an expert witness on false confessions
  • Juvenile interrogation ñ voluntariness considerations; value of video recording
  • Court rejects the claim that the ìReid techniqueî caused an involuntary confession; jury rejects Dr. Leo testimony
  • The value of recording interrogations
  • Faulty District Attorney strategy re the advisement of rights
  • Value of recording interrogations to discredit defendantís allegations
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