New organization of the cases in our Legal Updates by topics will make it easier for our readers to access

Written By: Reid
Mar 09, 2011
Over the past several years we have published Legal Updates on a variety of cases that deal with interrogation issues. We have recently categorized them by topic so as to make it easier for you to locate a case that you might be interested in. Here are the topical headings:
  • Permissible/Impermissible Police Interrogation tactics - click here
  • What constitutes a promise of leniency? - click here
  • The use of trickery and deceit during an interrogation - click here
  • To what extent does the suspect's IQ impact on his ability to make a Miranda waiver? Click here
  • How long can an interrogation last - how many hours - before it becomes coercive? Click here
  • How young can a juvenile be to make a knowing and intelligent waiver? Click here
  • If an inmate is going to be interviewed about a crime unrelated to what he has been incarcerated for, does he have to be advised of his rights? Click here
  • What do the courts say about the testimony of false confession experts? Click here