What is the PEACE model for interviewing?

Written By: Reid
May 01, 2010
Several years ago the United Kingdom adopted a set of interviewing guidelines called the PEACE model. These guidelines consist of five distinct parts (corresponding to the acronym "PEACE"):

Preparation and Planning: Interviewers are taught to properly prepare and plan for the interview and formulate aims and objectives.

Engage and Explain: Rapport is established with the subject, and officers engage the person in conversation.

Account: Officers are taught two methods of eliciting an account from the interviewee:
* Cognitive Interview: used with cooperative suspects and witnesses.
* Conversation Management: recommended when cooperation is insufficient for the cognitive interview techniques to work.

Closure: The officer summarizes the main points from the interview and provides the suspect with the opportunity to correct or add information.

Evaluate: Once the interview is finished, the information gathered must be evaluated in the context of its impact on the investigation.

The guidelines do not allow for any accusatory interrogation. Is the PEACE model an effective alternative for the current interview and interrogation techniques currently practiced by most law enforcement investigators in North America?
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