What do the courts say about the testimony of false confession experts?

Written By: Reid
Aug 13, 2010
For the past several years the courts have viewed with skepticism the testimony of "false confession experts", repeatedly suggesting that there is no actual science to support their views but rather, anecdotal evidence. We have prepared an article that quotes several court decisions on this issue, as well as a list of some of the cases the following "experts" have been involved in:
Dr. Richard Ofshe
Dr. Richard Leo
Professor Saul Kassin
Mark Castanza
Dr. Solomon Fulero
Dr. Jarvis Wright
Dr. Robert Latimer
Dr. Allison Redlich
Dr. Rosalyn Shultz
Dr. Deborah Davis
Dr. Christian Meissner
Dr. Christopher Lamps
Dr. Gregory DeClue
Dr. Avak A. Howsepian
Dr. Bruce Frumkin
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