An Analysis of the Confession of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in the Development of Themes for the Interrogation of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist Suspects

Written By: Reid
Feb 15, 2010
In this article, Louis Senese, vice president of John E.. Reid and Associates, and Philip A. Mullenix, a former instructor of the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation(R) and a practicing Chicago attorney, review and analyze the confession of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad for insight into the justifications used by terrorists so as to offer suggestions for theme development in the future interrogations of Al Qaeda terrorists.

As they state in the article, "KSM's own statements, both prepared and extemporaneous, illustrate how his mentality and beliefs helped him to justify and admit his murderous conduct before a military tribunal. It stands to reason that KSM's disclosure of his own mentality, beliefs, and rationalizations can serve as a model for successful theme development for use during the interrogation of other All Qaeda suspects." Click here for the complete article.

Previous to this article, Attorney Mullenix published an article entitled, Interrogation Strategies for an Unconventional Extremist Enemy. This article focuses on "an overview of strategies for the interrogation of extremist terrorist suspects." Click here for the complete article.