New article on the BAI published in the International Journal of Police Science & Management

Written By: Reid
Jul 01, 2008
Joseph Buckley (president of John E. Reid and Associates), Frank Horvath (professor emeritus, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University) and J. P. Blair (assistant professor of criminal justice at Texas State University) co-authored an article on the BAI entitled, The Behavioural analysis interview: clarifying the practice, theory and understanding of its use and effectiveness. Here is the abstract:

The Behavioural Analysis Interview (BAI) is the only questioning method that has been developed specifically to help investigators sort those who are likely to be 'guilty' from those who are not. In its typical application the BAI is a pre-interrogation interview that is used to focus interrogational effort; however, it also can be used independently in order to circumscribe investigative efforts in those cases in which there is a fixed and relatively large number of 'suspects'. In this paper an overview of the BAI process is provided and the findings and limitations of the extant bodies of field and laboratory research on the BAI are discussed. The paper concludes with suggestions to guide future research on the BAI.
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