Legal Updates -†Summer†2008

Written By: Reid
Oct 15, 2008
In the legal Updates for Summer 2008 the following case topics are discussed:

  • Courts limit or reject the testimony of expert witnesses Richard Leo, Richard Ofshe, Saul Kassin, Mark Castanza, Susan Garvey, Deborah Davis and Rosalyn Shultz on false confession issues
  • Dr. Christian Meissner testifies on false confession issues - Jury finds defendant guilty
  • Police misrepresent evidence against suspect - Court upholds confession - two cases
  • Employer found guilty by jury of false imprisonment
  • Does the length of the interrogation impact on the admissibility of the confession?
  • Interrogator statements - what can and cannot be said
  • Mental impairment and IQ re the waiver of Miranda rights
  • Corroborating elements in an arson case
  • Unambiguous request for lawyer
  • Do the Miranda warnings require the interrogator to tell the suspect he has the right to an attorney during the interrogation?
  • The Value of Recording Interrogations
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