Legal Cases Sorted by Category

Written By: Reid
Sep 01, 2015
On a regular basis over the last 10 years we have published on our website and through our quarterly newsletter legal updates of current cases which address relevant interview and interrogation issues. In this document we have attempted to categorize those hundreds of cases into a number of categories for easy reference. We will continue to update this list on a regular basis.

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We do not offer legal advice, but simply report on court decisions.

  • Expert testimony on witness credibility
  • Pre-arrest Silence
  • Court decisions re inappropriate/impermissible investigator statements
    • In general
    • References to suspect's family members
    • Threats
    • Promises
  • Court decisions re appropriate/permissible investigator statements
    • In general
    • Accident scenario/Self-Defense
    • Deception
    • Minimization
    • Suggestion of reduced charges
    • References to suspect's family members
  • Physical factors that render confession inadmissible
  • Court decisions regarding the testimony of false confession experts
    • Richard Leo
    • Richard Ofshe
    • Saul Kassin
    • Deborah Davis
    • Bruce Frumkin
    • Christian Meissner
    • James Walker
    • James Stark
    • Pamela Auble
    • Alan Hirsch
    • Samuel Roll
    • E. Clay Jorgensen
    • Christopher Lamps
    • Jeffrey Vanderwater-Piercy
    • Bobby Miller
    • Karen Fukutaki
    • John Di Bacco
    • Mark Vigen
    • Scott Bresler
    • Robert Latimer
    • Solomom Fulero
    • Mark Costanzo
    • Daniel Grant
    • Rosalyn Shultz
    • Susan Garvey
    • Allison Redlich
    • Tom Wright
    • Gregory DeClue
    • Shawn Roberson
    • Michael Fuller
    • David Mantell
    • Jorey Krawczyn
  • Examples of erroneous testimony regarding the Reid Technique
  • Value of video recording
    • What the courts say about recording
    • Admissibility of video recorded statements
  • Interrogation room setting
  • Length of interrogation
  • Investigator pattern of practice considerations
  • Juvenile considerations
  • Polygraph examination issues
  • Mental capacity - affect on incriminating statement
    • What constitutes mental retardation?
  • Attorney negligence re not using false confession expert
  • Miranda issues
    • In general
    • Referring to Miranda rights as a formality
    • Miranda on a roadside stop
    • Request for attorney when not in custody
    • Request for a lawyer before advisement of rights
    • Telling suspect his attorney is at the station
    • Fifth warning not required
    • Ambiguous/unambiguous invocation of rights
    • Determining custody
    • When is re-advisement necessary?
    • Do inmates need to be advised of Miranda rights?
    • Incriminating statements to undercover police
  • Courts and The Reid Technique
  • The totality of circumstances
  • False confessions - defendant characteristics
  • Gudjonsson suggestibility test
  • Pragmatic implication
  • Confession corroboration

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