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Written By: Reid
Aug 01, 2016

p> Over the last 14 years we have posted over 300 entries on our "What's New" page at www.reid.com. For this July/August Investigator Tip we have listed many of them that you may have missed when they were originally posted. Please read through the entries below to find the topics that interest you. Click here to access our "What's New" page and then scroll down to the entry date for the items that you are looking for.

The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI) technique 6/1/2016

"I did it" - Confession Contamination and Evaluation 5/24/2016

TASER Exposure and Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Valid Miranda Waivers and Timing of Police Custodial Interrogations 3/27/2016

Rebutting a Murderer: Facts proving Steven Avery Guilty 1/25/2016

Making a Murderer: The Reid Technique and Juvenile Interrogations 1/18/2016

(Legal) Cases by Category 1/17/2016

International Association of Chiefs of Police publish guide for questioning of Juveniles 1/16/2016

Court admonishes investigators for not following Reid guidelines 11/11/2015

The Inside Information Checklist 10/22/2015

Proper Persuasion - Reid article story for the August 2015 issue of Security Management magazine 10/15/2015

Review of Reid 90 minute online training program 10/15/2015

The Reid Technique - A Position Paper 6/17/2015

International Research Validates the Core Elements of the Reid Technique 5/11/2015

High Value Detainee Group research validates the core principles of the Reid Technique 4/13/2015

Compendium: Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogations 2/10/2015

Court offers scathing rejection of false confession expert Dr. Alison Redlich 2/10/2015

Toronto Sun Gets It Wrong 2/10/2015

Courts affirm interrogation techniques that are often mischaracterized by false confession experts 2/10/2015

False Confessions 1/29/2015

Research indicates a 97.8% accuracy rate at detecting deception 12/03/2014

Not so fast - the Central Park Jogger case 8/14/2014

The Hunting of Man: Lies, Damn Lies and Police Interrogations 7/15/2014

From Law and order magazine: The Reid Technique Webinar - The Reid Technique Delivered Right to Your Training Room 7/15/2014

Humint Collection: A look through non-coercive field questioning and screening of jihadist combatants 6/17/2014

US Attorney General issues policy memo regarding recording interrogations 6/17/2014

Investigators did not follow suggested guidelines when interrogating mentally deficient individual as detailed in Reid training manual and text, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions 5/19/2014

Special Warfare article: Interrogation Theme Selection for Jihadist 4/28/2014

Court confirms that the Reid Technique consists of proper interrogation procedures 4/23/2014

Attorney Thomas Sullivan list of law enforcement agencies recording interrogations 3/31/2014

New Yorker magazine profiles John E. Reid and Associates 12/17/2013

The Reid Technique of Interviewing an Interrogation for Investigators (online training program) 11/20/2013

Juvenile False Confessions 9/30/2013

Eight New Power Point program for your review 9/29/2013

Canadian court decisions related to interview, interrogation and confession issues 7/25/2013

Confession Contamination 7/23/2013

Dr. Richard Leo offers erroneous testimony about the Reid Technique (part 2 of 2) 7/22/2013

Dr. Richard Leo offers erroneous testimony about the Reid Technique (part 1 of 2) 7/22/2013

Law and order magazine highlights Reid Interview and Interrogation books 7/14/2013

A National Survey of Eyewitness Identification Procedures in Law Enforcement Agencies 7/12/2013

July/August Investigator Tip: A Quick Guide to Best Practices for the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation 7/1/2013

Another example of how false confession experts misrepresent the Reid Technique - Richard Leo and Deborah Davis 9/29/2012

Court finds that the research by false confession expert Dr. Richard Leo "unreliable methodology" 9/29/2012

Interrogators should exercise special precautions when interviewing juveniles or individuals with mental or psychological impairments 9/29/2012

What is the Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale (GSS)? 9/29/2012

New review of the "Must-Have" Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, 5th edition 8/2/2012

Expert witness testifies that the frequency of false confessions is one hundredth of one percent 5/30/2012

84% of surveyed participants rate the Reid seminar better than any other training that they received on interview and interrogation techniques 5/30/2012

Example of how false confession experts misrepresent the Reid Technique - Dr. Solomon Fulero 5/14/2012

NY Times article references John E. Reid and Associates as teaching interview and interrogation techniques consistent with court decisions 2/27/2012

Supreme Court says prison inmates don't have to be read rights in different investigations 2/22/2012

Detection of Deception - Why Academic Studies Yield such Poor Results 2/8/2012

90% of responding agencies who record their interrogations find the recordings to be helpful 1/27/2012

IACP policy for recording interrogations 1/16/2012

Law and Order magazine review of Reid training course 12/13/2011

Case clarifies US Supreme Court decision in Garrity v. New Jersey 10/20/2011

Does an interrogation that exceeds 6 hours mean that the resulting confession was coerced? 10/20/2011

Delaware health and Social Services extolls the benefits and value of Reid Training 9/1/2011

Investigator Tip for July-August 2011: What Exactly is the Reid Technique? 7/1/2011

Court rejects the testimony of Professor Alan Hirsch - no evidence the Reid Technique produces false confessions 5/31/2011

New York Magazine article on a false confession case solved with the help of John E. Reid and Associates 10/4/2010

Detection of Deception: Research vs. Reality 8/9/2010

Summer Legal Updates 2010 8/9/2010

Research confirms detection of deception substantially better than chance if viewed in context 6/14/2010

Research confirms Reid Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI) structure 5/12/2010

What is the PEACE model for interviewing? 5/1/2010

An Analysis of the Confession of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in the Development of Themes for the Interrogation of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorist Suspects 2/15/2010

Reid Interview Software now available 10/22/2009

Military Judge finds Dr. Ofshe theory regarding coercive interrogations was not based on rigorous scientific analysis or even subject to scientific testing but was rather Dr. Ofshe's own subjective review of a group of particularly selected cases 8/12/2007

Testimonial for new Reid seminar - Investigating Use of Force for Field Supervisors 6/1/2007

Researchers Continue to Get it Wrong 6/1/2007

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