25 Reid Video Tips

Written By: John E. Reid and Associates
Jan 11, 2021

September October 2020 Investigator Tip

The September/October 2020 Investigator Tip provides you with links to 25 brief video presentations from our YouTube channel - The Reid Technique Tips, that will help you to enhance your interviewing and interrogation (positive persuasion) skills.

Interviewing Skills

Room Setting

Using Open-ended Questions During the Investigative Interview: Part One and Part Two

The Value Behavior Provoking Questions: A Case Study

There is no behavior unique to lying

Cognitive Interviewing

Interrogation Skills

What is the Non-Confrontational Approach?

Projection and Rationalization

Empathy and Understanding

Positive Persuasion

Questioning Juvenile Offenders

What is Confession Contamination?

False Confessions

False Confessions – The Issues to be Considered Part One and Part Two

What Questions should be asked to determine the Voluntariness and Validity of a Subject’s Confession?

Additional videos for your review:

Description of the Reid Technique

Core Principles

Best Practices

How the Courts View the Reid Technique

Reid is the Benchmark for Proper Procedure

Research Confirming the Reid Technique Process

Is it permissible to lie to a suspect about evidence?

The Reid Technique for Patrol Officers

The Reid Technique for Telephone Investigative Interviews

The Reid P.E.A.C.E. Method of Investigative Interviews

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