The Reid Technique For Child Abuse Investigations On Demand Training - Part One

Presented by David M. Buckley, CRT

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This one-hour online video training program is Part One in a three-part series of the Reid Technique for Child Abuse Investigations. In Part One of this series, which includes a printable study guide, common characteristics, attitudes, and behavioral patterns of child abuse offenders for both physical and sexual abuse will be thoroughly discussed. This information will provide child abuse investigators with an additional tool to help identify the perpetrator in child abuse investigations. You will hear from child abuse offenders themselves as they explain how and why they engaged in the abusive behavior.

In sexual abuse investigations you will learn:

  • What characteristics offenders look for in a victim
  • How the offender will set up the opportunity to abuse
  • How the offender will manipulate their victims and caregivers
  • How the offender rationalizes their abusive behavior

If physical abuse investigations, you will learn:

  • How offenders perceive and portray themselves as the victim
  • How the offender is unable to explain the injury and tries to conceal the injury
  • The offender’s attitude toward the child who has been abused
  • How the offender rationalizes their abusive behavior

Part Two of the series discusses The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Part Three discusses the Clarification process for child abuse investigations.

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The Instructor - David M. Buckley, CRT

Dave graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, and went on to earn a Masters of Science degree from Reid College. He has been employed by John E. Reid & Associates, Inc. since 1981 and in that time has conducted over 8,000 interviews and interrogations. Dave is Director of our training program on 'Investigative Interviewing Techniques for Child Abuse Investigations'. He has been teaching interviewing and interrogation techniques for over 35 years at seminars throughout the United States and a number of international locations. He has written a variety of specialized training manuscripts, and has produced training videotapes, audio programs in the specialized area of interviewing and interrogation. Dave is the author of the book How to Identify, Interview & Motivate Child Abuse Offenders to Tell the Truth. 2nd Edition, (2016), and is co-author of the book, Electronic Recording of Interrogations, (2005). Dave's sense of humor, experience and engaging style of teaching has made him one of our leading instructors.