Incai Spanish BAI Questions for Notebook

This is the Spanish Version of the Investigator's Notebook, a 9.5" x 12" folder which offers many valuable features.

  • A Complete List of the Reid Behavioral Analysis Interview Questions, translated into Spanish.
  • A Verbal and Nonverbal Behavioral Profile of the Truthful and Deceptive Suspect, translated into Spanish
  • A Summary of the Reid Nine Steps to a Successful Interrogation, translated into Spanish
  • Reid and Associates' Toll-Free Phone Number and E-Mail Address to Answer Any of Your Interviewing or Interrogation Questions
  • Reid and Associates' Web Site to Provide you With Current Training Information
  • A Convenient Card Holder for Your Business Cards
  • A Pad of 25 Reid Subject Interview Sheets, translated into Spanish.
  • The Reid Investigator's Notebook has a practical design that will assist the investigator in conducting Behavioral Analysis Interviews and follow-up Interrogations.