Reid Resource Pack

New Resource Pack

Three new/updated books

  • Over 965 pages combined
  • 33-minute Audio CD on the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation

These three books, will provide you with the most up-to date information you will need to improve your interview and interrogation skills, increase your confession rate and maintain the integrity of the confession..

  • A Field Guide to The Reid Technique (2014)
  • Jayne and Buckley
    Some of the chapters:
    • Basic Interviewing Procedures
    • Behavior Symptom Analysis
    • Specialized Interviewing Techniques
    • The Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation
    • Best Practices of The Reid Technique
  • Anatomy of Theme Development (2nd edition 2014)
    Louis C. Senese
    The most difficult aspect of the interrogation is Theme Development, this book will help you select the most effective theme to secure a confession
    • Over 1,600 Themes Suggestions
    • Over 50 different types of crimes discussed
    • Designed for easy reference
    • Overview of the Behavioral Analysis Interview
  • How to Identify, Interview and Motivate Child Abuse Offenders
    to Tell The Truth - 2nd Edition (BOOK)

    By David M. Buckley
    This book is the quintessential guide to identifying, interviewing and
    interrogating child abuse offenders.
    Part One consists of eight extensive interviews of convicted male and
    female child abuse offenders.
    Part Two will discuss the common behavior patterns and characteristics
    of child abuse offenders and how interviewers can use this information
    to develop proper interview questions and interrogation strategies.

  • The Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation (AUDIO CD)
    Joseph P. Buckley and Brian Jayne
    This 33-minute Audio CD will walk you through the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation
    Easy to listen to 33-minute audio CD Each of the nine steps is a separate track Excellent refresher