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Anatomy of Interrogation Themes, 2nd edition (BOOK)
Louis C. Senese

After 10 years since the first edition of Anatomy of Interrogation Themes was published and tens of thousands in print, this popular book has been updated for 2015. As times change, so do the types of crimes and methodology to obtain the truth from the offender. The most difficult aspect of the interrogation is Theme Development - this book will help you select the most effective themes to secure a legally acceptable confession. The 344 pages of the 2nd edition contains over 3,000 interrogation themes addressing over 70 offenses in addition to including an outstanding overview of the Reid Behavioral Analysis Interview and detailed description of the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation. A definitive "field manual" for all investigators - law enforcement, military, intelligence and security personnel. THE INVESTIGATOR'S NOTEBOOK A 9.5" x 12" folder which offers the following features:

  • A Complete List of the Reid Behavioral Analysis Interview Questions
  • A Verbal and Non Verbal Behavioral Profile of the Truthful and Deceptive Suspect.
  • A Summary of the Reid Nine Steps to a Successful interrogation

Joseph P. Buckley and Brian Jayne

This 33-minute Audio CD will walk you through the Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation

  • Easy to listen to 33-Minute audio CD
  • Each of the Reid Nine Steps is a separate track
  • Excellent refresher