Employee Theft Application of The Reid Technique DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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During our training seminars, participants frequently comment on the benefit of being able to see the videotaped interviews and interrogations of actual suspects. This program presents a case background and then the full interviews of possible suspects. If the suspect is deceptive, the interrogation is also presented.

While actors were used to play the role of suspects, they studied the original videotaped interview and interrogations to mimic the behavior of the actual suspect. The interviewer / interrogator is David M. Buckley who has over 20 years of interviewing experience. Dave has conducted over 8000 interviews and interrogations and is one of our senior instructors. The interview questions and responses, along with interrogation statements were all derived from the actual case. The result is a near replica of the original case.


  • Review the Format of the Behavior Analysis Interview
  • Observe How Subjects Respond to Behavior-Provoking Questions with
  • Investigative Questions During the Interview
  • Learn how to Intermingle Behavior-Provoking Questions With Investigative Questions
  • Study Theme Development and Presentation of Alternative Questions
  • Reinforce Many Interrogation Concepts Taught in the Advanced Course
  • Prepare for an Upcoming Interview or Interrogation
  • Employee Theft
  • Application of The Reid Technique

At the end of the day, $2,000 in cash is stolen from a deposit at a jewelry store. Two employees had immediate access to the deposit. View their interviews and determine which one stole the money. You will then see the interrogation of the guilty employee